Wyndscent Package


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Package Includes

1 – Wyndscent Unit

1 – Flash Light Attachment

1 – Bottle Bruiser Juice For Wyndscent Unit

1 – Tripod Stand For Wyndscent

1 – Red PW Cinch Sack

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This revolutionary Vapor Hunting Scent applicator houses proprietary scents. WYNDSCENT™ vapors travel farther and hold together longer. The original WYNDSCENT™ unit is reusable  and refillable. Control the amount of scent dispersed and continuously apply scent at a 60 second interval — without contaminating the broadcast area. Its high efficiency rechargeable battery can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. WYNDSCENT™ is water resistant and durable in extreme conditions. The combination of a superior scent product emitted on continuous intervals as an air vapor gives the hunter the highest potential odds of success.

The unit now features a Wireless remote allowing the hunter the ability to put the Wyndscent on Standby from the stand. Engage Standby mode when game gets too close to keep them from spotting the vapor! The remote boasts a forty yard range.

*Scent Not Included. *Use Only Wyndscent Approved Scents.

Why Wyndscent?

1. Constant. Wyndscent is the first scent that constantly refreshes that attractant. Traditional scents start strong but become less effective as the hunt goes on.
2. Vapor. Vapor is an excellent medium. It is not effected by gravity and will follow thermals/air currents- giving your attractant a longer reach.
3. Heat. By applying heat (which Wyndscent does to create the vapor) it speeds up those molecules and allows them to travel further. Think of a warm apple pie compared to a cold one. Which can you smell from 100 yards away?


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