Synthetic Premium Buck


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Pure Whitetail Synthetic scents are changing the game in whitetail deer scents and attractants. Synthetic Premium buck is a perfect powerful all season attractant. Use in the early season to calm and attract bucks while they are still in bachelor groups by creating and refreshing mock scrapes. Continue use during the pre-rut and rut as an attractant in scrapes and on overhanging branches on Pure Whitetail’s flexible scent wick (Flex Wick) as bucks are becoming territorial and establishing dominance. Also use on Pure Whitetail’s Last Track drag as you travel to your hunting area. Leverage as a cover scent all season long as you scout, check trail cameras, create and freshen mock scrapes, set up and move treestands and blinds, and hunt. Distribute regularly around treestands and blinds and any other desired areas. Pure Whitetail’s Synthetic line of attractants and scents is the perfect choice for any area, particularly states or areas with restrictions on urine based attractants and scents. Pure Whitetail Synthetics are engineered to attract!

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