Mesmerize – Dust


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Pure Whitetail’s Mesmerize contains a proprietary blend of smells formulated to stimulate habitual chewing, licking and pre-orbital rubbing on active and mock scrape licking branches. Proven to initiate and increase scrape visits. Improves ability to inventory herd through trail camera monitoring of scrape sites to determine target bucks. Successful in luring in whitetail deer from afar as they seek and destroy anything covered with this attractant. An extremely addictive attractant available in Pure Whitetail’s very versatile Power Dust form, this product can be used in all seasons. Use as an attractant on anything to lure deer to a specific area. Use on the ground, vegetation, licking branches, stumps & logs, rocks, mineral sites or anywhere you want to create a habit forming travel pattern. Use as a cover scent when scouting or hunting. Use regularly as a wind checker to deliver fresh scent downwind while hunting.


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