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Pure Whitetail Bachelors Group

Pure Whitetail’s Bachelor Group Buck Urine is 100% pure from multiple bucks to one bottle. May be used to stimulate high scrape activity from a bachelor group of bucks. It is fresh, never frozen, contains no additives or preservatives, and is never held over from the previous season. It is collected from Pure Whitetail’s own deer farm in Middletown, OH. Our herd is State Certified CWD Free and ATA Certified by the Archery Trade Association. Bachelor Group Buck Urine is a deer scent that can be used in all seasons. It can be used as an attractant and calming scent in mock scrapes, both on the ground and on licking branches. It may also be used as a cover scent when scouting, checking trail cams or hunting. Use during the pre-rut and rut as an attractant in scrapes, overhanging branches on Pure Whitetail’s flexible scent wick (Flex Wick) and on Pure Whitetail’s Last Track drag as you travel to your hunting area. Dominant bucks will look to protect their does and come seeking the intruders as they become more territorial.

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10 reviews for Bachelor Group

  1. Brian Stiff (verified owner)

    Smells super fresh.

  2. tdep22

    Bachelor group is the perfect scent for mid summer mock scrapes! Bucks are in and forming bachelor groups in the woods mid summer and this scent is the perfect compliment to that!

  3. alan19512 (verified owner)

    Perfect for scrapes! All of the bucks in one bottle and fresh!

  4. Gary (verified owner)

    It works great on early mock scrapes

  5. Hoss22 (verified owner)

    Pure pee from a great company

  6. kromesoldier (verified owner)

    Hands down, Bachelors group is the best early spring mock scrape making scent you can use. I’ve used it 2 years in a row and I still have deer using the scrapes that I started by using Bachelors group. 100 percent happy with my results and that is why I will always use Pure Whitetail.

  7. Jeff Coleman (verified owner)

    Get yourself some!! Not only am I honored to be apart of the PW family! But every day gets better, every product gets better!!! Honored to call the CEO Josh Martin a brother!!!! PW products are the best money can buy!!! So stop using low quality brands and hope on team PW#teamPW

  8. AdventuraOutdoors (verified owner)

    Bachelors group works well, I use it in my spring and summer scrapes and the bucks tear it up.

  9. Clintnewkirk (verified owner)

    Want to know the secret to finding big deer early? It’s right here! Works perfectly for summer/ early season mock scrapes.

  10. Zach Cherryholmes (verified owner)

    Bachelor Group is my #1 go to for running my summer time/early season scrapes. It helped me fill my first opening day tag in Ohio in 2019 with a 150″+ 10 point bruiser! Do yourself a favor and pick some up!

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