– Start laying Exterior Mock scrapes around June 1st using Buck Urine. Freshen every 7-10 days weather permitting. Continue running this pattern until mid-October and possibly through Halloween.
– Then transition to lay interior Mock scrapes using Doe Urine (non-estrous). Always use Buck Urine as cover scent while refreshing scrapes. Continue to keep Exterior Mocks freshened up as well.
– Around November 5-7, start rolling into the estrous phase. Start freshening Mock scrapes with Doe Estrous Urine (primarily Interior Mock scrapes) and continue this strategy until the end of November or Post Rut.
– Practice scent control when creating and freshening mock scrapes. Wear rubber gloves and rubber boots, spray down when scent eliminator before, during, and after each scrape. And as noted, use buck urine as cover scent.

– Exterior Scrapes: Field edges, ridge tops, fence rows or open hardwoods.
– Interior Scrapes: Thickets, bottoms, field drainages, CRP Plats or any area close to or tight to cover/bedding areas.

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